Pizza Care/Reheating

Yes we care about pizza and so should you. Ever buy one of our slices only to get home and find its not as hot as it was the second we placed it in your ever loving arms? Well fear not. Here are two very good ways (and one terrible) way you can get that pizza back to the temperature it should be able to burn the roof of your mouth with.

The Oven

It’s the best way to make sure your pizza will be just as good as the second you bought it. Now don’t go cranking up the temperature in to the 200 region and expect to instantly have a perfect slice. Our tip is to always go under the margin. So if you’re reheating a slice and it says 170 on the box, set the oven to 160. Understand that you’re cooking the pizza but merely getting back to its former glory.

The Microwave

If you’re in a desperate need for pizza, and we man desperate, then grab a slice and set it in for a minute. It will go a bit floppy and there’s no way to crisp it up in there (no, not even with a paper towel placed under the slice) but it is still the fastest way of getting the pizza back to being eaten.

The Frying pan

Now this won’t work for our big slices, but is a great trick if you’re too impatient for the oven, but hate the microwave. When you have left over slices of pizza that are cold, get a pan and crank it to just under medium. Now place in the two slices so they’re oppositely beside each other, forming a rectangle (not two triangles meeting at a point). Give them a minute or two and when you see that the cheese is starting to get gooey again, it’s ready to eat. Just make sure you don’t have it up too high as you don’t want to burn the base.

For more tips on storing and reheating your pizza slices, check out this awesome how-to here


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