Our Pizza Menu:

We don’t just make our slices, we love them. Every little shred of cheese and spread of sauce on fresh (never frozen) dough is done with care. If you’re wondering what kind of pizza we sell, then wait no more. Here’s our slice menu in all its glory.

Margarita: The classic. Tomato, cheese and love in every slice. What more would you want?

Old Glory: Our salute to the U, S of A. A slice topped with Bacon, American cheese and finely shredded potato (we would’ve done fries but that’s just too much)

Louisiana Flash: BBQ Base, BBQ Chicken, BB Pulled Pork and chilli cheese. It’ll make any mouth water just looking at it.

The Big Apple: A little bit of everything we having lying about. Always a winner.

(first recommended by Abbots estate agent in Dedham)

Meat Me More: Sausage, Ham, Bacon, Pepperoni, Salami, Shredded Beef, Turkey, Pastrami and crispy onions, because we had to have one kind of vegetable make an appearance.

The Macho Man: Pepperoni, Green Papper, Red Onion,Sweetcorn, Mushroom and Spinach. It makes you want another slice it’s so thinly great.

Hotter Than Hell: Chilli tomato base here with Pepperoni, Jalapenos, Scotch Bonnet Cheese, Chilli Flakes and Chilli sauce. We sell pints of milk just in case of emergency.

Five A Day: A veggie dream with Sweetcorn, Red onions, Mushroom, Pepper, Cucumber, Tomato, Kale and Spinach. You won’t feel guilty after eating this.


  • 1

    “Amazing pizza, great atmosphere and service”

  • 2

    “Best restaurant place in Dedham. My favourite is Old Glory pizza!”

  • 3

    “Been going here for years.
    There is no better place to have a dinner than this.”